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How Energy Coaching is Different

Energy Coaching isn't talk therapy. Taking this unique approach in Energy Coaching sessions allows for healing, effective and joyful forward movement without a lot of hashing through old stories, patterns of belief, and behaviors too much. You can state your issue and what you want instead and there won’t be much more talking about it! We’ll go right to work identifying programs and emotional baggage buried in your tissues, microbiome and energy field that are not in alignment with you now to clear and release it. This approach doesn’t and won’t pick a fight with your conscious or subconscious defenses. I work alongside those parts of you to create more harmony, alignment, and flow in you and with what you truly desire.


Having The Courage To Wake Up To Your Unique Gifts And Truth

You have unique gifts, experience, perspective, insights, and desires. And as we work together, I empower you to step more fully into the truth of who you are and into light so that you can live up to your potential and feel safe doing so.

What can be, and is often, missing in regular life coaching is doing the subconscious work that allows for real healing and growth to become normal and safe for your body, heart, and mind to realistically do. So in Energy Coaching, we work together to create a productive and secure environment that allows your body, heart, and mind to more easily shift so you can become who you desire to be and go where you desire to go in your life quicker. It takes A LOT of pressure off you to "perform" and instead actually make forward and steady movement towards healing and becoming more of who you truly are and less of what you're not.


Kenz, As Your Intuitive Energy Coach

I specialize in holding space for what is real and true about you to come up so you can become the person who is the things and naturally does the things that lead you to achieving your goals and enacting desires in your life. I believe in safely assisting + supporting you into more awareness about yourself and the world around you so that you can become empowered to be who you really are, more intentional, honest, and open to the miracles that desire to come into your life. Let's work together if this is what you desire too! 

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