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Why Intuitive Energy Coaching

In an intuitive energy session, we clear very subtle energy patterns you’re just not likely to see on your own that are creating results in your life you really don’t want. In a very respectful and empowering way, we go over what is optional and what is OPTIMAL for you- then release what isn’t getting you what you want. This approach frees you up to start making new and different decisions that are more empowering + effective.

How Energy Coaching Is Effective

Subtle negative energy patterns run in every one of us, sometimes on autopilot, every day of our lives. Clearing and cleaning up what is causing disruption and dysfunction with high-integrity energy techniques allows for the truth of who you are, and your potential, to emerge and become clearer to you. It allows for you to be more successful in your ability and capacity to discern what is true, what isn't, who you're able to become, and enact in your life what you truly desire to create in the world. 


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