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What is Intuitive Energy Coaching/Mentorship?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

What is Intuitive Energy Coaching?

Intuitive Energy Coaching, also known as Energy Healing, is a holistic approach that focuses on identifying underlying negative energies that can be effecting you in various places in your life. While we work to identify and release negative energies, positive energies are also activated and balanced. Making these adjustments are crucial to the process of personal growth and development; helping you to more fully align with your goals and desires in life.

What you can expect with Intuitive Energy Coaching:

Intuitive Energy Coaching is a specialized type of coaching where subtle energy patterns are identified and cleared and cleaned up as needed. As an Energy Coach, I hold a high vibration space for you and use my intuitive gifts to identify the subtle energy patterns that cause you to struggle and suffer unnecessarily. Then I clear and release them all to support you in gaining more clarity about who you really are and your potential.

You can begin to expect:

  • Improved intuition and spiritual receptivity

  • Joyful self expression

  • Overcoming self-destructive behaviors

  • Better relationships

  • Living into a more empowering life and reality

  • Heightened creativity

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved physical health

  • Stress release

  • Business and financial success

  • Creating an overall fulfilling and satisfying present and future for yourself

  • And more!

What Intuitive Energy Coaching IS NOT:

  • Talk therapy:

Taking this unique approach in Energy Coaching sessions allows for healing, effective and joyful forward movement without a lot of hashing through old stories, patterns of belief, and behaviors too much. You can state your issue and what you want instead and there won’t be much more talking about it! We’ll go right to work identifying programs and emotional baggage buried in your tissues, microbiome and energy field that are not in alignment with you now to clear and release it. This approach doesn’t and won’t pick a fight with your conscious or subconscious defenses. I work ALONGSIDE + WITH those parts of you to create more harmony, alignment, and flow in you and with what you truly desire.

*If you’re looking for someone to talk things out with, there is tremendous value in being listened to, and in the case that you desire this, I suggest finding a good mental health professional in addition to this approach. This and their approach can work well together and be very complementary!*

  • Work done without God’s guidance:

God is all truth, all wisdom, all intelligence, all love, and the basis for all that is good and lovely in the world and throughout all of the Universe. I would not and could not do this work without His help, His guidance, and His wisdom. I rely on God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to direct me as I offer support, clear and release limiting programs and beliefs, and to shift unhelpful/disempowering energies for clients as they seek to accomplish their personal goals and desires. The only way to do the work I do is WITH God.

  • Religious specific:

I respect wherever you're at in your journey with your belief in God and understand that everyone will be in a unique place with their faith in a higher power. I work with those who have a strong belief in God, those who desire to learn more about God and cultivate a connection with Him, those who aren't sure about God, and those who don't believe in God. If you are willing to have and keep an open mind and desire to step into empowering truths and a higher vibration, I invite you to work with me.

  • For those who don't desire to take 100% responsibility for their experience:

With this kind of work comes the expectation to take responsibility for your own experiences and results in life. This work is and can be, if you allow it to be, transformative and I work with clients who are ready for that. I also expect clients to be compassionate with themselves while in this process of transformation and understand that this work, while highly effective, isn't a promise of instant growth. Taking 100% responsibility for the outcomes in your life is yours alone. I am here to support you in moving towards organic and sustainable growth and change but I do not give you every step you'll need to take in order to have the results you desire to see. As you heal and move forward, things will naturally become much clearer to you and you'll be inspired and receptive in new ways and through that upgraded receptivity, will know what steps to take in your life to improve the areas you desire most to see change.

How is Intuitive Energy Coaching effective?

Subtle energy patterns run in every one of us, sometimes on autopilot, every day of our lives. Clearing and cleaning up what is causing disruption and dysfunction with high-integrity energy techniques allows for the truth of who you are, and your potential to emerge and become clearer to you. It allows for you to be more successful in your ability and capacity to discern what is true, what isn't, who you're able to become, and enact in your life what you truly desire to create in the world.

Why Intuitive Energy Coaching?

Have you tried other types of coaching that just haven't worked for you or has left you feeling like you were moving at a snail's pace? It's not you and it's not because you aren't working hard enough or just "not getting the message". In an Intuitive Energy Coaching Session, we take a very different approach to self-development and growth. We will work together in a high vibration & safe space to allow for what is pertinent to your experience at the time to come up, then clear and release what is causing you to suffer and struggle unnecessarily in your life. This approach frees you up to start making new and different decisions that are more empowering, effective & purpose driven.

Me as your Energy Coach and Mentor:

I combine my intuitive gifts + natural inclination and desire to help others see and embrace their truth and highest potential. I value and hold space for what is true about you at all times and I won't get into your stories of lack or small because that is NOT who you really are! I help you in expanding who you think you are and what you expect for yourself. And as your growth friend, unlike a regular friend, I value your expansion, maximum potential and highest truth more than your approval. I believe this is what makes a coach invaluable as you are on your journey of growth and discovery.

So there you have it!

I love this work and how it's changed my life and how it continues to serve and support my past and present clients. If you're not currently working with me, I invite you to take a look at my offerings if any of this information resonates with you and let's get to work bringing in more of what you truly desire!

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