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Effective Energy Coaching That Guides You To Embrace Your Truest Self, Inner Wisdom & Divine Potential

I'm Kenz,
Intuitive Energy Coach



Intuitive Energy Coaching: A Unique & Different Approach To Self Development


Intuitive Energy Coaching is a holistic approach that focuses on identifying underlying negative energies that can be affecting you in various places in your life. While we work to identify and release negative energies, positive energies are also activated and balanced. Making these adjustments are crucial to the process of personal growth and development; helping you to more fully align with your goals and desires in life.



What's offered

It brings me so much joy and delights my soul to offer these services to you. I invite you to look through my offerings and what you feel would fit best for you at this time in your journey. Intuitive Energy Coaching is likely unlike any other Coaching you have come across. Maybe you've tried other types of coaching that just haven't worked for you, left you feeling like you were moving at a snail's pace, or felt harder than it needed to be. It's not you and it's not because you aren't working hard enough or just "not getting the message". 

Services Offered

I'm thrilled to support you in becoming the healer that you are in your own life.

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About Me

I love teaching and supporting others through my spiritual gifts and skills I've developed throughout my life. It's a large part of who I am and why I decided long ago to become an Intuitive Energy Coach. It's my goal to support you to see, enact, and become the healer you already are. So that you can meet and solve the unique things you are facing in your life.

I combine my intuitive gifts + natural inclination and desire to help you see and embrace your truth and highest potential through stable and high vibration healing techniques. I value and hold space for what is true about you at all times and won't get into your stories of lack or "small" because that is not who you really are! I believe in your abilities, gifts, and skills to become who you desire to be and I support you in drawing that out more abundantly. I wholeheartedly believe this is what makes a coach invaluable as you are on your journey of growth and discovery.


High Integrity Energy

Healing Techniques

Intuitive Energy

Coaching Options

Hybrid Coaching/Mentorship



"I believe every person needs a mentor or coach because it will excel you FURTHER and FASTER with your goals and in your life!"


"Kenz perfectly combines coaching with so many of Christ's principles and teachings. Every session has fed my spirit. After every call, I walked away feeling so at peace. I began to feel confident and started to see my divine potential"


Mackenzie is the first mentor/coach I’ve worked with on a consistent basis- she proved all my fears and insecurities of working with someone to be invalid. 


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